The Mini Pan is a popular pan for children as well as for adults. It can be used as a beginner pan and also provides excellent introduction to music theory. This instrument is sometimes bought for ornamental purposes.    





Two Basic Packages for A Steel Orchestra

Here are two of the packages currently being offered:

This is the minimum requirement to start a steel orchestra


Basic Steel Orchestra

Best suited for entertaining in Hotels,
Pubs, Casinos and other small areas.

One Tenor

One (1) Double Second

One (1) Triple Cello

One (1) Six Bass

10 Piece Steel Orchestra

Recommended to start in
School or Community

Three (3) Tenors

One (1) Double Tenor

One (1) Double Second

One (1) Double Guitar

One (1) Four Cello

One (1) Tenor Base

One (1) Six Bass


Home/Frontline Pans

  Tenor Pans
  Double Tenors
  Double Seconds
Mid Range Pans I
  Double Guitars Style 1
  Double Guitars Style 1I
Mid Range Pans II
  Triple Cellos
  Four Cellos
Mid Range Pans III
Background Pans
  Six Bass
  Tenor Bass Style 1
Background Pans II
  Tenor Bass Style 11
Mini Pans